Make money, time and a difference.

We put time back in your hands. As long as you hit your target each week, no one will bat an eye when you play hooky if the surf is good, the powder is deep or your kindergartener has a solo in the school play. This flexibility takes discipline, but we are confident that you have what it takes.

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Make Money.

Agents that have been with us at least 5 years are making $100,000+ annually.  Our top agents are making over $200,000.

Being able to pay the bills feels great, but having discretionary money feels even better. With Whittenburg Final Expense, you have the opportunity to have money in the bank and have extra for hobbies and other pursuits.


make time.

Our agents have the freedom and flexibility to decide how they want to spend their time. It’s not uncommon for our agents to hit their goal on Wednesday and take an extra long weekend with their family.


make a difference.

Not only are we working hard for the money, but we’re also improving the lives of our customers. We’re able to give them a peace of mind that when they pass, they will have their loose-ends tied tight and they won’t be a burden on their families. It feels great to help individuals and families feel prepared.