LEHI, UT. Look - if you want to make lots of money and have freedom and flexibility with your time, you need to be here with us.  We have the best system, we have the best products, and we have the best people.  If you aren't afraid of hard work you can do extremely well here. 


SAN CLEMENTE, CA. Whittenburg Final Expense is the best!  One of the best things about working here is the friendship with the other agents.  When you're out working by yourself it's so nice to know there are other people just like you who are doing the same thing.   And then we get to go on trips with the company - you can't beat that.  



GENOLA, UT. When I started with Whittenburg Final Expense in 2005 I was a total greenie.  I didn't know how to sell, I didn't know how to organize, and I knew nothing about insurance, but I knew how to work. Well now I'm a top 10 agent in the entire country and I bought my own farm!  It's more than I ever imagined.



LEHI, UT. I learned a long time ago that the harder the problem is that you can solve, the more money you will get paid.  So solving the funeral problem for people has helped me build up a nice little business of my own.   I enjoy being able to hunt and fish and be with my family, and I love being able to work my own schedule so I can have time and money to pursue the things I enjoy.



SALT LAKE CITY, UT. Whittenburg Final Expense is the perfect balance between agency support and agent independence. 



SAN DIEGO, CA. Working with Whittenburg Final Expense has been an outstanding opportunity for me and my family. The "do well by doing good" culture of agency is second to none and offers tremendous support in growing my business. 



FRESNO, CA. Whittenburg Final Expense is a great group of people, everyone is so welcoming. They treat you like family - which includes paying to take you on trips and feeding you! Who doesn't want to be part of that?!



OCEANSIDE, CA. Wether you are new to FE or a veteran agent, Whittenburg Final Expense has a proven training system that will have you making sales your first day. They treat you like family and their support is second to none.



FRESNO, CA. Since day 1 and the very first time I met my managers, I knew there was something different about the culture. I was treated as if they knew me for years and they made me feel like I'm part of the team. This is the best group out there! 



LEHI, UT. My background was in building and construction and the ups and downs were a big stressor for me and my family. This setup is awesome because I have control of my income and schedule.



ORANGE COUNTY, CA. I love the Whittenburg Group because they are the most caring people that I have worked with. 



ST. GEORGE, UT. For the past 8 years I've had the pleasure of working with the Whittenburg Final Expense. My work with the agency is not just another opportunity but a career. The support and training I've received has overwhelmingly boosted mine and my family's life to a high lever than I had ever imagined.